Tonna Mechanical - Rochester, MN Home Show

  • Jan 31, 2019

Tonna Mechanical approached United Promotions Brand Solutions to assist in creating a game and promotional prize strategy for their booth at the Rochester, Minnesota Home Show. Tonna is an HVAC company based in Rochester with a great reputation and one of the best visual branding efforts we have seen in their industry. 

Step 1: The Game

We wanted the game to have some real stakes so that people would become more invested in the booth. It's all too common for prize wheels to become a "take-what-you-want" affair. The decision was made to set the prizes in tiers based off of the areas of the wheel. We chose to make "" the top prize so that every player would be watching our client's contact information and hoping the wheel landed on it. This significantly increases a potential client's retention of your contact information.

As we mentioned before, Tonna has a stellar visual brand. We made sure to integrate their logo, mascot, and heating/cooling elements so that potential leads are always being reminded of the services Tonna offers.

This wheel also clicks loudly when it spins to draw interest.

Step 2: The Prizes

Because a majority of Tonna's clients are residential we wanted to focus on items that would stay in the home and be used on a regular basis. These items are useful, high quality, and proudly display Tonna's brand and contact info.

Being in the promotional industry, we are always neck-deep in sample items, trinkets, and toys. Not all of them are useful. We turned to our own homes to see what items we frequently used and loved having around. Tonna provided some great ideas as well. Quality input from our clients always makes our lives easier.

Pizza Cutter: These pizza cutters are the best. Simple, effective, and they don't damage your pans! More than one of our employees own very nice pizza cutters that sit at the bottom of the drawer because always reach for this one first. 

Magnetic Clip: We are symbolically enforcing the idea that Tonna makes house calls.wit this Magnetic Clips. These are also extremely versatile and useful items that will stay in your clients view for years to come.

Water Bottle: We opted for a high quality bottle with a flip straw. Reusable bottles are extremely popular and a good one will stay in the home for a long time.

Cutting Board: There are only a few top prizes to be won and we wanted to offer something that was really special. This laser engraved bamboo cutting board is 12 inches long and comes with a butcher block pattern. It speaks for itself and Tonna will be looking at giving these out to a lucky few potential clients, as well as several of their existing customers.

Magnetic Memo Board: The dry-erase magnetic memo board is a very budget friendly item that we hope will be on hundreds of refrigerators by the end of the show. It has detailed contact information for Tonna and ample writing space for notes, lists, and reminders.

Magnets: Tonna had purchased magnets as leave-behinds from us previously, but will be using them at their booth as well.








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