Mug Ugly Brewhouse Outfitters is what happens when two people who are passionate about creating exciting goods and apparel nearly go insane after years of corporate BS and clients who can't decide between black and dark gray. The owner gives them their own division, they hijack a corner of the website, and they set about having some FUN! You remember fun right? It's what came back into your life when you started working for yourself and not Ted, the vice president of meaningless meetings.

You find joy in your craft, and we find joy in ours. You help create incredible experiences that your responsible fans will still remember the next day. We'll create experiences that make your name last a lifetime. Stagger away from the same logo getting slapped onto trivial trash and let us make a statement for you.

We really wish we were passionate about 3rd party app development for the financial sector.... but we aren't. Our parents are disappointed, but that's par for the course after a combined 30 years in the apparel industry.



We are not going to let you wimp out. You got into this business because you had a vision. You were sick of some shortsighted hack making money off of your genius.

Now you only have yourself to answer to. You wanted a beer that didn’t taste like every other beer you've tasted before. You wanted to create something with a Dwayne Johnson Body and a Steven Hawking Head. Liquid poetry! 

You built your new livelihood standing up to self-appointed royalty, but your apparel and retail don't show off your rebellious spirit. Stop shilling shirts that look like something they give out at fun-runs!

We want people to miss your branded clothing. We want people to go “Hey! Where’s my shirt/hat/hoodie/coconut-bra with INSERT YOUR BADASS BRAND HERE. 

People should get angry when they can’t find your shirt! Sell a shirt people will dig through their dirty laundry to wear out to that concert/ that bar/ that family reunion/ that place where they hope to bump into that special someone (you know who I'm talking about). 

You want to be the lucky shirt.

Why won't you sell lucky shirts?




You've read this far so you obviously see our point.

We know it takes time. We know you have a lot to do. You are buried. We get it! That's why we need to talk. Because we do the work, and you reap the rewards.

Our team of plucky little oddballs is ready to stop by and take a serious look at how we can best tap into your brand's potential. Meet with our Head Retail Consultant and Our Apparel Decoration Lead to discuss how we can take "good enough" and make it "in-friggin-credible."



Kris Almquist, our Head Retail Consultant and Party Captain is ready to get the shenanigans underway.



DO NOT contact the snoozefest customer service reps at the email at the bottom of the screen. You could... It will still get to us. But the hold music is garbage and then we have to actually talk to Ashley. Ashley is so boring. You don't understand. Please for the love of God just contact Kris directly. If I have to hear one more story about how her dog thinks he is people I'm going to have to go do another round of "research" at the local breweries.




Check out Mugsy, our mascot, below. He's judging you. He's judging you because you know you can do better. You know your apparel is duller than your CPA's golf jokes but you haven't done anything about it. So Mugsy is going to keep judging you until you take some initiative and turn your brand up to eleven.





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